The main assortment of our foundry is machine production of castings on moulding lines, where we standardly produce castings weighing up to 400 kg. It is the production of moulds from a uniform bentonite mixture by pressing, shaking and shaking with additional pressing. We offer customers a wide range of production from small simple weights to demanding 12-cylinder engines. At the Fe Foundry, we cast castings from gray cast iron, ductile iron and steel. Casting accuracy is according to ISO 8062 CT10. The capacity of the production lines is about 16,000 t / year. We produce castings on three moulding lines.

At the beginning of 2023, a new moulding line from KÜNKEL WAGNER will be put into operation with frame dimensions of 1500x1050x400 mm and a production of 50 moulds / hour. At the same time, a new smelter equipped with two six-ton medium-frequency induction furnaces from Otto Junker will be put into operation. This will fundamentally modernize the heart of our foundry and allow us to further expand our portfolio of castings.

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