Modernization of the melting and moulding shop

The increasing demands of our customers on the accuracy, quality and price of our castings, as well as the need to reduce the environmental burden of our company, led us to decide and implement the modernization of the key production hubs of our foundry, especially the smelting and molding rooms. In order to achieve the greatest possible modernization effect, the modernization of the necessary service equipment for the preparation of liquid metal and molding mixture was also addressed at the same time. The two original molding lines were replaced by a modern line with an hourly output of 40 molds per hour, and two new induction furnaces connected to automatic casting equipment were put into operation simultaneously at the smelter. All technologies are equipped with new dry filters with a capacity of 250 thousand m3/hour The total investment exceeded the amount of CZK 750 million.

KÜNKEL-WAGNER molding line

Forming frame dimensions

1540 x 1050 x 400 / 400 mm

Maximum forming line output

50 moulds / hour

Operating capacity of the forming line

40 moulds / hour

3D KÜNKEL-WAGNER molding line

HUBO automatic casting equipment

Output (of cast molds)

max. 70 moulds / hour.


Junker melting unit, 2 x 6 t, medium frequency furnace

Melting rate of 6 tons of cast iron to a temperature of 1520 °C

max. 40 min

3D Junker melting unit


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