Measuring, testing and analysis

TATRA METALURGIE a.s. has own laboratory with long history. Technical facilities for dimensional checking and provides these services not only within the TATRA group, but too many industrial companies in the region as well. Laboratories regularly participate in inter-laboratory comparisons and are certified by the national association - Czech Testing Laboratories o.p.s. and they are entitled to use the designation on protocols that testing is recognized by SČZL / CTLA.

Laboratory of mechanical testing

Laboratory provides standard mechanical tests including the preparation of test specimens.

Typical tests: 

  • Tensile test acc. to EN ISO 6892-1

  • Charpy impact test acc. to ISO 148-1

  • Brinell hardness test acc. to EN ISO 6506-1

  • Vickers hardness test acc. to EN ISO 6507-1

  • Rockwell hardness test acc. to EN ISO 6508-1

These tests are realized on cast or forged parts to ferrous and nonferrous metals.



Metallographic analysis used classical optical microscopy with outputs recorded in digital form. We provide micro and macro structures, Baumann, Etching, Grain size and microcleaness according to national and international standards.



Chemical laboratory

Analysis of chemical composition for metallic materials is standardly realized by atomic emission spectrometry. We are equipped with two spectrometers, which use spectrum analysis sparks from the surface of the test material due to be providing a comprehensive elemental analysis of the test material. Moreover this optical emission spectrometry we use for exact analysis of carbon and sulfur combustion method. Thanks to this method we are able to provide for these elements a higher reliability than is standardly providing emission spectrometers


Non-destructive testing (NDT)

Defectoscopy is one of the basic tests provides in our company. We mainly provides methods MT, UT, RT, ie. magnetic particle test, ultrasonic test and radiographic test. Magnetic particle method is carried out on stationary devices and also on portable device. Ultrasonic test use portable device as well and for radiographic we equipped with modern RTG lamp which operates on a stationary workplace.


For this typical area of quality check we use conventional manual measuring instruments for lengths, shapes and angles. Furthermore we are equipped with 2 mobile 3D measuring devices and 1 stationary 3D device. In high precision, we are able not only to evaluate angles and distance characteristics, but especially we can scan the shape and compare it with the 3D model in graphic form to see deviations to nominal shape.