KovárnaTATRA METALURGIE is the direct successor of companies Tafonco a.s. and Taforge a.s. and thus the successor with long tradition of casting and forging production in Kopřivnice, which is for a whole time connected with the production of vehicles - at beginning carriages, railway wagons through to the production of automobiles and trucks. Historical Roots of production are since the middle of 19th century, when Ignác Šustala began in Kopřivnice (Nesselsdorf) production of carriages and buggies and thereby started creation of TATRA automobile factory, the third oldest in the world and the oldest in Central Europe.





Historical milestones of TATRA METALURGIE a.s.


 Slévárna Fe

2016      Mergers of companies Tafonco a.s. and Taforge a.s..

2012      Certificate for supplier to Czech Railways (Taforge a.s.).

2008      Certificate of Environmental Management System ISO 14001: 2004 (Tafonco a.s.).

2004      Certificate of Q-M System ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO TS 16949: 2002 (Taforge a.s.).

2002      Renaming of foundry to Tafonco a.s. and forging shop to Taforge a.s.

2001      Change the method of melting on cupola furnaces.

1997      Quality management system certification DIN ISO 9002 (forging shop).

1995      Establishing the companies Slévárna TATRA spol. s r.o. and Kovárna TATRA spol. s r.o..

1994      Quality management system certification DIN ISO 9001 (foundry).

1983      Production of iron castings (spheroidal graphite).

1972      Opening of the current foundry.

1960      Opening of the current aluminum foundry and forging shop.

1943      New age of forging (complex shape, one heating, one machine and die).

1931      The first production of steel casting.

1911      Opening of gray iron foundry.

1904      At the place of the original wagon factory was built new forging shop.

1891      Forging shop was supplemented by brass foundry.

1887      Wagon factory for forging of large components on the steam hammers (Nesseldorfer Wagenbaufabrik - Kopřivnická vagónka), which 10 years later produced the first car with a combustion engine in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy called Präsident).

1860      Turning shop with fist small foundry – foundry beginning in Kopřivnice

1853      First small forge – forging beginning in Kopřivnice počátek kovárenství v Kopřivnici

1850      Entrepreneur Ignác Šustala began to produce carriages and buggies             


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